Technical Data

Models 목록
  • Door-Type Dishwasher

    The door-type dishwasher guarantees excellent performance, hygiene,
    reliability, and low water consumption. They raise the technological
    performance to new heights. There are large selection of specifications to
    choose from. It is the most popular model used in all catering applications.
    The recommended catering capacity ranges from 200 to 400 people.
  • Rack Conveyor-Type Dishwasher

    The rack conveyor-type dishwashers are highly powerful, compact and
    efficient, It is equipped with innovative systems which reduces total energy,
    water and chemical consumption without affecting high standard of
    performance. It is easy to install in most kitchen configuration and premises.
    The recommended catering capacity ranges from 300 to 500 people.
  • Flight Conveyor-Type Dishwasher

    Flight conveyor-type dishwashers are designed to cover every requirements
    of the customer. It demonstrates absolute reliability in washing every shape
    and size of kitchenware. These machines perform with high productivity,
    cost-effective operation and hygiene standards required in public catering.
    The recommended catering capacity ranges from 500 to 1500 people.