Machine Design



Machine Design

SPJ dishwashers are very unique in its machine design from top to bottom. Unlike many dishwasher 

models in Korea, SPJ door-type dishwasher has the smallest machine size dimension, highest door 

opening height with largest round window. SPJ rack conveyor dishwasher is the only dishwasher

that has built-in electric, gas, and steam booster. There is a detachable dryer that can be installed

separately next to the dishwasher. Also, the loading direction can be changed easily.


Compact Machine Size

>> Door-type dishwasher has installation dimension of 620 x 615 x 1350 mm

>> Small machine dimension allows flexible installation in kitchen premises

Round Window

>> Thick tempered glass

>> Washing and rinsing is observable; ensure proper hygiene and operation

>> Largest window size among Korean door-type dishwashers

Door opening height

>> Maximum door opening height is currently at 40 cm

>> Widest opening height among Korean door-type dishwashers

>> Large dishware including food trays can be placed vertically into the door-type dishwasher

>> Special requests are available for height over 40 cm

Door cap (back opening)

>> Hot steam is able to escape from behind the cap

>> Enhances dishware drying effect and prevents injuries from hot steam